Credit Card

Confronting a money lack or need pressing assets? LoanShopi  credit Card is the fastest and least demanding method for benefiting an advance to meet your necessities.

Credit Card

A credit card accompanies a predetermined pre-endorsed credit limit which can be involved by the holder in a month. 

You may avail loan on Credit Card with flexible tenures ranging from 12-60 months and that too with lowest interest rates. Contact us today to know more on this topic.

With over 8 years of rich and focused experience in Loan Services segment, we offer best consultations, along with the services.

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Features Of Credit Card

Skip the hassle of providing multiple IDs! Avail a pre-approved cash loan against your entire credit card limit without the requirement of any additional documentation.

Enjoy ideal interest rates, which are very low per month, for loans taken on your Standard Chartered credit card. Secure a loan of up to INR 10,00,000 instantly without any additional verification. Loan amounts above the credit card limit may be obtained on grounds of eligibility.

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Eligibility for Loans on Credit Card:

Most credit cards are unstable and require no guarantee for the advance. The cardholder should  have a good financial record and a decent buying and reimbursement. In Short, You must have a good financial banking record. 

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